• Videography Reel 2016

    Videography Reel 2016

    Selected projects, 2013-2016.


    Launch video for AJX-3/AJM-3.

  • InterContinental Stories: Proposal

    TVC for ICGS Hong Kong.

  • InterContinental Stories: Family

    TVC for ICGS Hong Kong.

  • InterContinental Stories: Rejuvenation

    ICGS social media campaign.

  • seul&SEUL Shanghai

    Brand film for China.

  • InfraRouge Beijing

    Brand film for outdoor LED.

  • Sneaker Con Hong Kong 2017

    Official NBA event coverage.

  • A Day in the Rumble

    Rumble the Bison in Bangkok.

  • Fulum Group

    TVC edit for Hong Kong.

  • Spirit of Corsa

    Brand film for China/HK.

  • Fidelity/Schroders


    Big-screen conference intro.

  • 100 Fidelity Clients

    3D Infographic explainer.

  • Dr Nyla Raja

    Introduction to Wilmslow Medispa.

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia

    International TVC re-edit for Australia.

  • Fashion Palette

    International fashion festival in Sydney.

  • Katies

    The one with the tropics.

  • FilmAid Asia

    FilmAid Asia

    The one with Monkey and We Need To Talk About Kevin.

  • Peninsula 85th Anniversary

    Peninsula 85th Anniversary

    The one with the Cake Suction Head.

  • Winona


    The one with the beach. www.winonaaustralia.com

  • Collar

    The one with the Hogg.

  • Metalicus


    The one with the alpacas.

  • Broken Wing

    Broken Wing

    Broken Wing by Mrs Bishop facebook.com/mrsbishopmusic

  • Oodles


    The one with the octopus.

  • Platinum


    Salvo Property Group presents The Platinum, Melbourne’s first choice for property investors around the world.